These are focused roundtable discussions on a specific theme. Each session is 90 minutes in length and structured to deliver clear outcomes.

The Nordic Think Tank sessions


THINK 1: Start-Up Opportunity (powered by Rainmaking)
Timing: To be confirmed
With a growing number of innovative entrepreneurs entering the various ocean industries this NTT asks how the accelerators/incubators and innovation centres around the world can and should collaborate. How good is the investor appetite?
How can start-ups in the Nordic region benefit? How can the Nordics benefit from the start-up incubation? What is happening in the maritime start-up world? How can we accelerate the development of a sustainable ocean industry?

Session thinkers:
Daniela Fernandez, Founder & CEO, Sustainable Ocean Alliance
Chris Clott, Head Suny Maritime’s Global Maritime Technology Innovation Centre
Leonardo Zangrando, Manager, Startup Wharf
Audun Abelsnes, Managing Director, Techstars Energy, Oslo
Nir Gartzman, CEO, The Dock
Vesa Marttinen, Founder & Board Member, Marine Cycles
• Carsten Bullemer, CEO, Maritime Data Systems
• Moderated by Rainmaking

THINK 2: Ocean Energy Development
Timing: To be confirmed
How can new ocean energy sources (wave, tidal, thermal) enjoy the rise that offshore wind has seen? The European clean energy act and the specific goals of Nordic states has the potential to provide the vital accelerations. Where are the success stories? What potential is there for a combination of energy sources in the ocean renewable space? What collaborations are needed to make this a reality? What collaborative business models can support this development? What is the money-making opportunity?

Session Thinkers:
Egil Hystad, General manager Power Systems, ‎Wärtsilä (Moderator)
Javier Sanz, Renewable Energies Thematic Leader, InnoEnergy
Patrik Möller, CEO, CorPower Ocean AB


THINK 3: Opening the Mineral Resources 

Timing: To be confirmed
Seabed mining is a sensitive topic, but the OECD and other bodies recognise that there are societal benefits if seabed mining can be accomplished in a sustainable way. Norway has been active in research and vessel construction and the UK and Germany have also been involved in exploration and research in ultra-deep waters. What are the near opportunities and deliverables from ocean mining? Where are the business opportunities and economic value?

Session Thinkers:
Thinkers to be confirmed


THINK 4: Ocean Mariculture and Logistics 
Timing: To be confirmed
Recent development in deep water aquaculture hints to this could be the first of the new ocean industries to emerge and mature. The Nordic regions are already leaders in this field, but how can this be further expanded? What opportunities are there for maritime to work with mariculture, from e.g. a sourcing, service, supply or construction point of view What are the needs for mariculture in the oceans and how will incumbent industries be increasingly involved? What opportunities are there for new companies and established ones in the different solutions that are emerging? How will the structures for ocean logistics be impacted?

Session Thinkers:
Cilia Holmes Indahl, Sustainability Director, Aker BioMarine
Olavur Gregersen, CEO, Ocean Rainforest
Brian Takeda, CEO, Urchinomics
Camiel Derichs, Regional Director in Europe, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)


THINK 5: Data Value Creation 

Timing: To be confirmed
Data is currency in today’s world; data for performance, communication, environmental and meteorological data and not least commercial transactions. World leading research, projects and companies are all based in the Nordic region. The data needs of the oceans and the huge increase in asset types is set to increase exponentially. How will these needs be met and what can industry look for with regards data? How can collaborative business models support sharing of data for mutual value creation? What governance, policy and regulatory issues need to be considered in various sectors and how will data resilience be maintained? Environmental data, meteorological, economic data, performance data, as part of an increased asset base.

Session Thinkers:
• Oliver Steeds, Founder of Nekton Oxford Deep Ocean Research Institute (Nekton)
• Nina Jensen, CEO, XFour10 (REV)
Cajsa Fransen, STM Validation Project
• Steven Adler, Chairman of Ocean Data Alliance


THINK 6: Innovation networks for the Oceans (powered by WISTA)

Timing: To be confirmed
The ocean opportunities require collaborative business models and innovation to ensure the sustainable development of our oceans, and secure new income for the maritime industry. What is the role of national and international industry networks in the transition from oil economies to ocean economies? How can existing relationships be a launch-pad for exploring new business opportunities on the ocean horizon?

Session thinkers:
Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, CEO Tototheo Maritime & President WISTA International (Moderator)
Steven Adler, Chairman of Ocean Data Alliance
Other thinkers to be confirmed


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