Opening Oceans is a new initiative from Nor-Shipping to help maritime and ocean industry players realise the unique business potential of the ocean space.

This is a crucial event for all business leaders to understand the potential of the markets, the innovation required and the strategic alliances and investment that exist.

Anne H. Steffensen
Managing Director
Danish Shipping
"The Danish maritime sector is strong, with world-renowned players, an advanced fleet, leading equipment and service suppliers, and growing digital strength. However, we recognise the need for the industry as a whole to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. With that in mind, we are very interested in collaborating with our Norwegian counterparts, as well as with innovative players from outside maritime industry, to explore solutions for a sustainable blue economy with a thriving shipping sector at its core."
Erik Giercksky, Head, Business Action Platform for Ocean
UN Global Compact
United Nations
"Norway has become a leading maritime nation because of the ability and ambition to constantly explore new opportunities in the oceans.

Cooperation and competition are two key forces to further develop the ocean industries in a sustainable way. We are therefore always looking for initiatives that bring new insight and ideas.

The Opening Oceans Conference is an important initiative in this respect, and we truly look forward taking part and meeting the ocean industry leaders."

For the first time in Nor-Shipping’s 53-year history, Nor-Shipping goes out of Norway. The choice to go to Denmark is logical. These two shipping nations have close business ties but as nations they operate two distinctly different fleets.

When exploring new business opportunities in the ocean industry, the maritime industry needs to create new connections. Therefore, this conference aims to bring Norway and Denmark further together, while at the same time inviting an international audience.

To enable as many cross-over connections as possible, this conference is coinciding with the Danish Maritime Days and co-located with the Danish Maritime Fair.